Supply of Premium parent stock of major breeds namely

  1. Beetal
  2. Sirohi
  3. Parbatsari
  4. Jamunapari
  5. Karauli
  6. Barbari
  7. Osmanabadi

Quality fodder seeds of the following varieties; (ON ORDER ONLY)

  1. Lucerne
  2. Agathi (Sesbania Grandiflora)
  3. Hedge lucerne/Desmanthus
  4. Subabul
  5. Grass varieties like CO-3, CO-4, CO FS-29 and Guinea grass.

Supply of quality dried Khejri leaves at reasonable price to be used as dry fodder

Breed wise photographs and videos in High Quality. (Available for download as well as through CD-ROMS and DVDS)