• We do not intend to supply goats to large commercial farms unless there is active involvement of the entreprenuer and there is a humane angle to this whole process. The reason for this is goat breeding is an art and that art looses its beauty  when you try to commercialise it. Breeding is a not a machine manufacturing industry. Its purely relies on nature. Science can only help track that natural process and keep humans along with it.
  • We prefere to supply only to those individuals who are willing to get involved personally as a full time profession. 
  • If you are buying more than 20 goats from us or if you are buying for other than pet purposes such as commercial breeding and dairy, you will have to satisfy to us the minimum housing and fodder arrangements.
  • We always advice our customers to insure the goats as soon as they reach the farm.
  • We recommend to only buy goats of age of 18 months and above and once kidded. Goats of six months of age may be need a lesser investment but there are a few drawbacks.
    1. There is no guaranty of fertility.
    2. Need a longer period to come to production
    3. WiIl most probably kid single.
    4. More prone to diseases because of lesser immunity.

    On the contrary the older goats are

    1. Fertile for they have kidded once.
    2. Lesser time required to come to production.
    3. Chances of kidding twins is more.
    4. More milk production.
    5. And most important is that they would have passed through a host of bacterial and viral disease exposure and hence possess strong immunity towards major diseases. Not to forget that this immunity is the prime reason for they ability to adopt to various geographical and environmental conditions.
  • The observations made in this website about the breed characteristics and other breeding methods like housing and fodder are completely expressed from our experience in the field.  They are not based on any books or any articles published by experts.